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Christmas is a great excuse to get all of your family and friends together. However, figuring out how to fit all of your extended family and friends into your home can prove extremely difficult. Oakwood Doors are here to help with some handy tips to help prepare your home, and maximise your space just in time for the festive season :

Light and Space

Trying to let as much light into your living space as you can will often give the illusion of more space. A lack of light can make even the largest areas appear to be smaller and tighter. Oakwood Doors have a fantastic range of external sliding doors that allow light to flood into your living space. Without installing new windows or light fittings, purchasing a sliding door is a fantastic way to light up your home. These are great for christmas time, as your indoor lights and sparkling Christmas tree with cast beautiful festive reflections onto the glass. You can also light up trees in the garden with outdoor lights and Christmas decorations to create the perfect festive landscape to look out on.

Use shelving, storage and interior solutions


Shelving and wall hooks can be particularly effective when trying to maximise space in your home. Attractive storage boxes can be placed on the shelving, to create more space down below. Hooks on the wall are perfect for hanging guests coats and jackets, preventing the need for any coat stands or units. Shelving can also be used to place Christmas candles, as well as any wrapped up presents ready for Christmas Day. Clever interior solutions such as mirrors on your walls can also give the illusion that your living space is bigger than it is. Floor-to-ceiling curtains also create an impression of expansiveness, whilst see through furnishings such as large glass vases or transparent plastic tables and chairs can offer the same desired effect.

Create separate living zones

Being smart about your space and creating separate living areas can really enhance the space in your home. Creating barriers by using our internal easi-slide room dividers can create the effect of either one large space, or for more intimate occasions, two smaller spaces. These room dividers are perfect for family occasions such as Christmas as it gives you the opportunity to create one huge open space for family time or dinner, as well as two separate rooms for when the kids want to escape from the adults (or vice versa!).

Invest in Multipurpose furniture

When buying furniture for your home, it’s important to be savvy and purchase furniture that offers more than what meets the eye. If you’re looking for ottoman, why not find one that has a secret storage compartment inside? Alternatively, choose side tables that can expand when you need them. Purchase shelves with multiple surfaces and sets of drawers that are deep and multi functional. Remember - less is more, so the less furniture you have, the better your space looks. Purchasing multi functional and practical furniture will pay off! Furniture with secret, hidden compartments are always perfect for hiding away any Christmas presents until Santa’s been!