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Internal Bifold Doors

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We supply a wide range of internal bifold doors, ranging from more traditional styles to our contemporary bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors, such as our White Primed Textured 4P LPD Door are a great addition to any home. They provide a range of practical benefits as well as bringing comfort and expansion to your living space.

Internal Bifold doors can enhance natural light, are low maintenance and offer you the flexibility you may need in your home. You are given the option to either fully open the wall or open the doors to any width within the frame. Take a look at our stylish range of internal bifold doors and you’ll no longer have to compromise with space in your home.

Oakwood Doors can deliver any of our Internal Bifold Doors within mainland UK. Our sales team will be delighted to offer you help and advice based on your Interior Bifold Doors requirements to ensure you choose the right Bifold door for the layout of your home.

Elevate Your Space with the Best Internal Bifold Doors

The selection of doors is critical in improving the beauty and usefulness of interior spaces. Oakwood Doors offers a top-notch range of internal bifold doors that stand out among the different options available due to their adaptability, space-saving design, and aesthetic appeal. Bifold doors, as opposed to standard hinged doors that swing open, have a unique folding mechanism. These doors, which typically consist of two or more panels joined by hinges, fold in a concertina style to open and close. They can be neatly stacked against one or both sides of the door frame, utilising available space and creating an open and seamless transition between rooms.

Interior bifold doors are a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers. There are several features that are especially useful in compact places since they maximise available space and offer a smooth transition between regions.

Why Choose Us?

Superior Material Selection

Quality materials are at the heart of our internal bifold doors. We recognise the importance of durability and visual appeal. As a result, our doors are made of high-quality materials such as solid wood, glass, and composite materials. Each material is carefully chosen to provide endurance, resilience, and a gorgeous finish that will last. Grab the best internal bifold doors in the UK at an affordable price. 


Precision Engineering for Ease of Use

Our interior bifold doors are distinguished by their precision engineering. The folding mechanism is designed to perform smoothly, allowing users to open and close the doors with ease. Hinges and tracks are painstakingly built to ensure smooth movement, contributing to a user experience that is not only useful but also long-lasting. The ease of operation of the doors distinguishes them, adding a touch of luxury to everyday life.


Diverse Range of Designs

Recognising that each room is unique, our collection includes a wide collection of designs to suit a variety of aesthetic tastes. Our internal bifold doors come in a variety of styles, whether you want a modern, minimalist look or a more classic and ornate style. Our doors are designed with attention to detail to ensure that they not only complement the current decor but also function as a statement piece, giving character and elegance to any area.


Space Optimisation and Versatility

Internal bifold doors are well-known for their ability to save space, and our choice takes this trait to the next level. Our doors' ability to neatly fold against one or both sides of the door frame maximises available space, making them a great solution for spaces with limited space. Furthermore, the adaptability of our doors allows for dynamic room layouts, whether it's establishing an open-plan layout or splitting a vast space into more intimate pieces. You can open up your space with our internal bifold doors with glass.


Energy Efficiency and Acoustic Performance

Our dedication to quality extends beyond aesthetics and usefulness to include energy efficiency and acoustic performance. Our line of internal oak bifold doors is designed to provide good insulation, contributing to energy savings and creating a comfortable indoor environment. Furthermore, our doors are made from materials that have great acoustic qualities, reducing sound transmission and improving the overall peacefulness of your living space.


Enhance Your Home Aesthetics with Our Top-Notch Collection of Internal Bifold Doors


Internal Bifold Door White Primed Textured 4P LPD SPECIAL OFFER

The White Primed Textured 4P LPD Internal Bifold Door has a composite core and a sleek 4-panel design. It is 35mm thick and has a smooth white primed finish with a modern style. It provides a contemporary feel for interior areas because it lacks raised molding.

Internal Bifold Door Oak Contemporary Shaker 4 Panel Untreated LPD SPECIAL OFFER

The LPD Oak Contemporary Shaker 4 Panel Internal Bifold Door features a refined shaker style in the oak veneer that is 35mm thick and has no raised molding. It is supplied untreated and has 5mm lippings with a 2mm cutting tolerance on all corners. It provides a clean, natural look for interior spaces.

 The ever-so-popular cottage bi-fold doors are

Internal Bifold Door Oak Mexicano Untreated (lpd)

The untreated Oak Mexicano Bifold Internal Door features an oak veneer with no raised molding and approximately 5mm wood lipping. It's non-glazed and made to last, with a polished brass hinge in the middle. While the overall height is 1981mm, the leaf height, excluding the bottom gap and top suspended track, fluctuates from around 1936mm to 1947mm. We also provide a pre-finished Oak Mexicano Bifold option, eliminating the need for painting—ready for seamless installation.


Internal Bifold Door Oak Mexicano Prefinished (lpd)

The door has a prefinished oak veneer with no raised moulding and a 5mm oak lipping. It is non-glazed, 35mm thick, and designed. The overall height is 1981mm, with the leaf height ranging from around 1936mm to 1947mm when the bottom gap and top suspended track are taken into account.

 Internal Bifold Oak Vancouver 5 Panel Prefinished

The door is fully completed with an oak veneer that is 35mm thick and hinged in the middle with a top track. It's important to note that the 78" measurement includes the allowance for the track's height, ensuring an accurate representation of the overall height necessary for installation when the track is included.

Internal Door Bi Fold White Tigris Prefinished

The white pre-finished flush internal bi-fold door features five ladder-style panels elegantly grooved into MDF. It is made of a standard core and has FSC® chain of custody certification. Fitting accessories and detailed instructions are included. It is important to note that the advertised opening size includes the track, with the supplied bi-fold being slightly smaller to suit the tracking system flawlessly.

Internal Bifold Door White Primed Mexicano (lpd)

The finish is a crisp white primed, featuring a clean design with no raised moulding for a sleek and contemporary look. The approximate 10mm oak lipping provides longevity, while the thickness of 35mm ensures sturdiness.  The overall height, including the bottom gap and top suspended track, is 1981mm, while the actual leaf height ranges from 1936mm to 1947mm. Lippings are 5mm wide, with a 2mm trimming tolerance recommended. Hinged in the middle with polished brass, it exudes sophistication. 

Our line of internal bifold doors exemplifies a seamless combination of form and function. Your preference and convenience will determine whether you choose the oak pre-finished bi-fold or the untreated oak bi-fold. Because it does not require additional finishing, the pre-finished bi-fold arrives ready for installation, saving time and work. The untreated oak bi-fold, on the other hand, allows you further individuality by allowing you to finish it with your stain or paint. Consider your time, personalisation choices, and convenience while deciding between these solutions. The internal bifold doors are the epitome of perfection due to their premium materials, precision engineering, different designs, space optimisation, energy efficiency, and customisable choices. Enhance your living spaces with doors that not only open and close but do so with a touch of sophistication and a dedication to long-lasting quality. Choose our internal bifold doors for an experience that goes beyond the usual, transforming your living spaces into elegant and functional exhibits.