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Once you have your new door ready to hang and painted beautifully, there is only one thing left to do – attach a handle. It may sound like quite a daunting task, but once you know how to do it, you will be changing all your door handles with the greatest of ease.

Just follow these simple steps:

What You Will Need

Tools needed for attaching a handle to a door

Drill hole for door handle

Step 1: Drill a Hole

Wedge your door so that it is straight and allows you access to every side of it.

Mark where on the thin side of the door you want your latch to be (usually approximately one metre from the bottom of the door) and drill a hole the depth of the latch.

Fixing a Door Latch

Step 2: Fixing the Latch

Insert the latch into the hole you have made and place the latch plate over the top so that it lines up.

Draw around the edge of the plate using a pencil and remove the wood inside the area with a chisel and hammer to create a recess the same depth of the plate.

Make a Hole for the Spindle

Step 3: Make a Hole for the Spindle

Create a hole with your drill all the way through the width of the door where you want the handles to go.

Reposition the latch plate and mark where the screws will need to go.

Insert the latch and screw the latch plate into place.

Attaching a Door Handle

Step 4:Attach the Door Handle

Insert your door knobs into either side of the door so that they are lined up with the locking mechanism and the screw holes.

Hold the handle in place with one hand and drill the screws in with your spare hand.

Fixing a Striker Plate

Step 5:Fix the Striker Plate into Position

Position the latch where the door closes and locks onto the door frame, before drawing around the striker plate with a pencil on the door frame.

Remove the wood with a chisel and hammer to create a recess the depth of the striker plate.

Drill a hole into the middle where the latch will go.

Screw the striker plate into place and check the door works properly.


Fixing a Handle to a Door