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LPD Doors: Interior and Exterior Doors and Internal Door Hardware

LPD Doors, or Leeds Plywood & Doors Limited, is a leading distributor of internal and external doors, as well as accessories, mouldings, and frames. They are known for manufacturing premium quality doors using the finest wood with precise crafting from their expert team. Because of their luxurious design, LPD doors have now become a household name for over 30 years and are trusted for internal and external doors across countless British households. Working on the import, manufacturing, and delivery of doors for that length of time has put LPD at the top of the list regarding quality doors and elegant styles.

As such, installing an LPD door to your home is a sure way to enhance your house's overall design and usability. With their extensive and elegant collection of doors, you can find an LPD door for your unique style and taste. Alongside the doors themselves, the team at LPD also offers all frames, mouldings, and accessories - so whether you choose an oak internal Arnhem door or a GRP door in Mexicano White for your exterior, you know that you're getting a quality product that you can trust.

It's time to elevate your living space and find your new LPD doors at Oakwood Doors

As one of the leading partner resellers of LPD Doors across the United Kingdom, you can trust our team to provide you with the best experience when looking for the right doors for your home. Browse our extensive collection of LPD Doors now and find the perfect one for you.

What Makes LPD Doors a Standout? LPD Doors wouldn't be a name brand for over 30 years without good reason. Here are just a few of the reasons why customers keep returning to LPD Doors:

  • Minimalistic and modern design: LPD Doors are known for their minimalistic, modern, and timeless designs - with styles that could fit any modern or contemporary home. With their classy and neutral color scheme, their doors can make country cottages feel cozy, and Japandi-style spaces bang-on-trend.
  • Sturdy and durable quality: Their doors are made with high-grade timber, making them more durable and robust than other available doors, ensuring that they're sturdy and long-lasting. You can also choose from various door types, such as fire-resistant, laminated, and even folding patio doors; all of which can work to give your home an extra layer of security or energy efficiency.
  • Great value for money: LPD Doors offer great value for your money. Knowing that you are purchasing a trusted interior or exterior door with a timeless design and robust quality ensures that you are making a purchase that can fit with your property for years to come, stopping constant upgrades from lower-quality brands.

Elegant and Stylish Internal Doors

Once you've got the outside of your home spot on with LAPD's external doors range, it's the perfect time to look inside and consider their range of interior doors. Fitting or replacing your interior doors is a big decision, and so the team here at Oakwood Doors is on hand to support you with the range - helping you to make a selection that suits you and your home every time. If you want to upgrade your interior with LPD's unique and elegant door selections, take a look at the available options on our website or in our showroom.

Internal Oak Doors

Oak as a material is a popular choice. LPD's Internal Oak Doors Collection offers all of the joy of rustic, country living whilst having a really modern twist. They are a classic look, which will be an instant upgrade to your home's interior whilst offering real warmth and comfort. LPD oak doors offer styles that blend perfectly into your interior setting or door styles that will stand out as focal points in any given room. When it comes to a timeless classic, the Oak Vancouver Doors are a great option, but other popular doors include- Oak Mexicano Untreated and Pre-finished, plus the Oak Vancouver Pre-finished are the most popular designs of this door collection.

Internal Colours Doors

If you've got a colour scheme for your interior, it's important that you can find high-quality doors to match. LPD offers a variety of coloured doors to help you create the interior design that you are searching for - whether you're going bold with black, slender doors or you're going for the subtlety of light grey. LPD Internal Colours Doors come in a vast range of colour options to choose between, both glazed (tinted and textured) and solid core LPD doors, so that there's a style available for everyone, no matter what you're looking for.

Internal White Doors

White interior doors are a popular choice, keeping rooms bright, fresh, and clean while also offering privacy and warmth. LPD are experts in these styles - with a dedicated collection for internal white doors giving you everything you could wish to choose from. The Knightsbridge Primed Plus White is the most popular door in the range because of its simple yet appealing look. Additionally, their Reims Glazed Door is perfect for homeowners looking for a door with more character because of its intricate glass detailing. The Internal White Doors Collection offers a variety of fresh, clean, and high-end white doors that really complement any interior look and feel. Comprised of LPD's quality solid timber core, these styles don't compromise on quality but instead, offer the best of both worlds - beauty and durability.

Internal Laminated Doors

If you enjoy the look, feel, and security of the external GRP composite doors but are looking for a more minimalist option for your interior - LPD doors can help with their range of internal laminated doors, which offer all of the joy of a low maintenance option while providing a range of natural colours to choose from. If stability and durability remain a top focus, we'd recommend the Monaco line, which features solid tubular cores to reinforce them., reinforcing their doors' stability and durability. Their Monaco Black Glazed and Monaco Light Grey Glazed internal laminated doors are the newest additions to this collection and have already been proving popular.

Internal Essentials

The LPD Internal Essentials Collection is one of the most cost-effective options available for your home while not compromising on choice and style. The Internal Essentials collection has been designed to keep all of the beauty, quality, and durability that come at the heart of every LPD range but with a more budget-friendly focus. These doors are a collection made of composite - in pre-finished grey or clear pine of your choice - and they have a lovely textural effect that suits many interior home styles. Textured vertical and textured 2-panel doors are popular styles and could just be the perfect fit for your home.

Internal Pocket Door System

Taking inspiration from the Japanese "shoji" doors, the Internal Pocket Door System is an innovative and modern door system that is perfect for creating a seamless doorway in your home. The innovative, space-saving design allows one or both doors to slide into the wall to move it out of the way to allow for more space or furniture in a room or simply a more free-flowing and open-plan space. These Internal Pocket Door Systems come pre-assembled or flat-packed for DIY installation.

Internal Fire Doors

When security is important, LPD Doors quality shines through. Our range of LPD fire doors are well known for their enhanced protection for homeowners, making them a great option for those looking for more peace of mind. The Internal Fire Doors Collection features several doors with a minimum 30-minute fire rating, such as the Arnhem and Eindhoven from the Oak Internal Doors Collection and the Knightsbridge Primed Plus Black from the Internal Colours Collection. LPD also stocks a range of 60-minute fire doors for an even more safety-enhanced option - including the FD60 60-minute Fire Doors Mexicano from the Internal White Doors Collection and Belize from the Oak Doors Collection.

If Fire safety and regulations are top of mind for you when purchasing internal doors, please get in touch with us today, and our team here at Oakwood Doors can provide you with the perfect options for your fire door needs.

Inspired and Classic Room Dividers

The LPD Doors Internal Room Dividers Collection features an array of beautifully crafted room dividers that provide a stylish yet functional way to separate modern living spaces. Their collection boasts a wide collection of glass-framed room dividers in various colours and styles. Choose from black, white, and oak frames to accentuate your interior and create a beautiful focal point in any room.

Internal Roomfold

If you don't like the look and feel of standard room dividers, and you're looking for something that's not only stylish but is space-saving, then the internal room fold might just be the option for you. This collection comes with various folding systems built in to help you maximise the space in your home. Depending on your desired opening size, you can choose 3+0, 3+1, 3+3, or 4+1 folding systems.

Durable and Timeless External Doors

Choosing the right external door is vital to ensure the security of your home. Whether this is against the cold and rain of the harsh British weather or whether it's a concern for security against intruders. LPD external doors keep durability, stability, and security at the heart of their designs, and as such, are the perfect choice to ensure safety whilst enhancing your home's overall curb appeal. For a secure door for your home, you can choose from our collection of wood and composite LPD external doors at here Oakwood Doors.

External Oak Doors

When looking for an external door, oak veneer is a great option for every home. This attractive and versatile wood finish is perhaps one of the most famous and popular materials for external doors and is a bestseller at LPD. External oak French doors provide not only a timeless style but an ultimate level of security as this sturdy material is resistant to environmental wear and tear. From best sellers such as Alta and Modica through to Westminster and Goodwood styles, there's a door to suit every home and taste.

Whether you're looking for panelled exterior oak doors, doors with glass, stable style doors, or majestic doors with zinc-bevelled double-glazed panels, LPD doors have the style for you, and Oakwood doors have it on sale.

External GRP Composite Doors by LPD Doors

If you're into a monochromatic and minimalistic look, their external GRP composite doors are perfect for you. Combined with the modern and stylish feel, alongside the benefit that these doors look like traditional timber but are far more low maintenance as an option, external GRP composite doors are a great addition to any home. This LPD collection features sleek, modern black or white doors with a complete range of simple yet sophisticated designs. These styles will effortlessly elevate the exterior of your home and be sure to be a showstopper on your street. Their Modica Grey and Newbury Grey Glazed Doors are some of the most popular in this collection. For those who are looking for a lighter colour exterior door, their Colonial White and Malto White Glazed models are a great choice as well.

External Essentials

Are you looking for a door that's likely to be a showstopper? Look no further than the LPD External Essentials range. The expansive collection has a wide range of on-trend door designs - from Antrim Glazed's diagonal glass panel to Estate Crown Glazed's crown glass panel; this collection is filled with unique and stylish doors that will really amplify the elegance of your space. Not only are these External Essentials a great option for the style of your home, but they're also incredibly customisable - they can come unglazed, single-glazed, or double-glazed at your preference, as these doors are supplied untreated and can be personalised and finished directly on-site to your specifications.

Create a stylish home inside and out With LPD Doors

Build your dream interior space, one door at a time. Our extensive selection of prime-quality and luxurious LPD Doors allows you to find the perfect door to accentuate your interior and exterior design choices, as well as offering enhanced quality, safety, and durability with long-lasting doors that suit every budget. LPD doors have an array of sizes, finishes, door hardware, and accessories so that you can create a truly custom fit and finish. All with a trusted 10-year guarantee, you know that with LPD, you are getting only the best.

In addition, being a major force in the timber industry, LPD is committed to upholding the principles of FSC® and aligning themselves with manufacturers who source materials from well-managed forests, so you know that they are better for the environment, too. Whether you want to elevate your home with classic designs or add a subtle yet spectacular touch of character, Oakwood Doors has something for everyone. From modern city homes to country cottages and everything in between, the wide range of doors from LPD in stock here at Oakwood Doors ensures that you've got the perfect fit just waiting for you.

From internal laminate and essential doors to internal fire and external doors, contact Oakwood Doors today and speak with our expert team. We're based close to the LPD team and work in partnership with them to allow for speedy delivery times and expert customisation options, so we're perfectly placed to help you choose the perfect LPD Door to enhance your living space. The standard delivery of doors is 3 to 5 working days. Next-day delivery is available; ask for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions on LPDs' most popular Internal Oak Doors

What is the Difference between the ever-popular LPD Internal Doors Oak Mexicano and the Oak Belize?

LPD Interior Doors Oak Collection is a versatile choice. Oak is dependable, trendy, and will always look good. Looking for some inspiration, the ever-popular Mexicano and Belize internal doors look very similar; the Mexicano features deeper and wider grooves 10mm, with 20mm lippings on the long edges which are 10mm oak plus 10mm finger joint lipping and 10mm lipping on the bottom rail. Available untreated to treat on-site or pre-finished ready to hang. The LPD Oak Belize has 10mm lippings on the long edges and 5mm Oak lipping on the top and bottom rail and smaller 6mm Groove dimensions. Internal Door Oak Mexicano Untreated and the Internal Door Oak Belize Pre Finished. The Oak Mexicano and Oak Belize Untreated and Pre-finished interior doors are available in 13 different sizes. LPD Doors UK is delighted to offer special-sized doors in most models from this range. Bespoke service is available on request. Oak Belize has matching 30-minute and 60 minutes Fire Doors available in sizes 30" and 33".

Modern Oak features some of our most popular doors, such as the LPD Interior Door Oak Vancouver Range.

The Oak Vancouver solid core range offers 8 Different Designs which will suit most homes, all available pre-finished. Also available in 30-minute and 60-minute fire doors. Whether you opt for a premium internal door, traditional or modern finish for your home, we're confident LPD internal and external doors will create your perfect space. We hope you enjoy looking through the Oakwood Doors website to find the ideal LPD doors for you!

LPD Manhattan Industrial Colours Collection

Creating an industrial feel in your home with this modern and stylish collection. These doors are prepared to have an immediate impact on your house due to their effective primed black thin profiles. This style will improve the aesthetic of your area and offers a selection of solid and glazed options. The Soho Glazed Black primed solid core door with Clear Glazing is the ever-popular interior door that will modernise your home. The Manhattan door range features narrow 80 mm wide stiles and rails; LPD has sourced a specialist range of hardware to be used in conjunction with the doors. Discover endless options with the Manhattan Universal Sidelight Frame, allowing any two Soho or Liberty or Greenwich doors or demi panels to be placed alongside each other.

A wide range of door designs that are carefully designed to accommodate various tastes and styles are available from LPD. LPD takes pleasure in offering a variety of doors with an emphasis on innovation, aesthetic appeal, and technical improvements in order to assist customers in finding their ideal fit at a price point that is reasonable for them. Standard Delivery 3 to 5 working days. Next-day delivery is available; ask for further details.