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About the Doorsets -

More convenience, less time

The New Doorset range is designed to be used on any of XL Joinery's Internal doors including Fire Doors.  The product comes pre-machined ready for assembly and significantly reduces on site labour requirements.

XL joinery are a leading supplier of wooden doors and associated products. Oakwood Doors strives to provide you with a quality range of internal and external doors and our partnering with XL joinery helps us achieve this goal.

Simpli Doorsets is a new offering by XL Joinery; each doorset comes complete with all of the components required to fit a new internal door, quickly and efficiently. Our Internal Simpli Doorsets are available with any of our door designs within our Oak (unfinished / fully finished) and White Primed collections.

For added peace of mind, upgrade your internal door kit to an internal fire doorset

Lead Time : 2 to 3 weeks on Stock Item Doors.

Enquire here for more details.


  • Doors come pre-machined for latches and handles
  • Latches and Latch Plates are pre-installed
  • Doors and linings come with adjustable clip-on hinges pre-fitted for easy installation on site
  • Available on all standard doors, door pairs and Fire Doors within the XL range
  • If using 2 single leaf doors in the simpli door pair lining you will need to add a pair maker. 
  • Quick assembly time on site.
  • Doors & Handles to be ordered separately
  • These door kits are classed as "Bespoke Products" and may not be accepted for return.
  • Handles supplied loose for transportation
  • All Door linings are 25 mm thick.
  • Prouct is supplied flat pack and ready to assemble on site.


Fire Doorsets are also available with the following optional extras :

  • Drop down threshold
  • Door closer
  • Intumescent door viewer
  • Batwing seals
  • Smoke Seals

Fire Doors come with intumescent strips pre fitted in the linings (Brown on the Pre-Finished Oak, White on White Primed).

Prouct is supplied flat pack and ready to assemble on site.

All Door linings are 25 mm thick.

The Range

Pre Finished Oak

Door Type Product Depth Standard Lining Double Lining Fire Door Lining
65mm Latch 100mm PFODS100-65 PFODS100-65D PFODS100FD-65
75mm Latch 100mm PFODS100-75 PFODS100-75D PFODS100FD-75
65mm Bathroom Latch 100mm PFODS100-65B PFODS100FD-65B
75mm Bathroom Latch 100mm PFODS100-75B PFODS100FD-75B
65mm Latch 120mm PFODS120-65 PFODS120-65D PFODS120FD-65
75mm Latch 120mm PFODS120-75 PFODS120-75D PFODS120FD-75
65mm Bathroom Latch 120mm PFODS120-65B PFODS120FD-65B
75mm Bathroom Latch 120mm PFODS120-75B PFODS120FD-75B
65mm Latch 140mm PFODS140-65 PFODS140-65D PFODS140FD-65
75mm Latch 140mm PFODS140-75 PFODS140-75D PFODS140FD-75
65mm Bathroom Latch 140mm PFODS140-65B PFODS140FD-65B
75mm Bathroom Latch 140mm PFODS140-75B PFODS140FD-75B

White Primed Oak

Door Type

Product Depth Standard Lining Double Lining Fire Door Lining
65mm Latch 88mm WPDS88-65 WPDS88-65D WPDS88FD-65
75mm Latch 88mm WPDS88-75 WPDS88-75D WPDS88FD-75
65mm Bathroom Latch 88mm WPDS88-65B WPDS88FD-65B
75mm Bathroom Latch 88mm WPDS88-75B WPDS88FD-75B
65mm Latch 94mm WPDS94-65 WPDS94-65D WPDS94FD-65
75mm Latch 94mm WPDS94-75 WPDS94-75D WPDS94FD-75
65mm Bathroom Latch 94mm WPDS94-65B WPDS94FD-65B
75mm Bathroom Latch 94mm WPDS94-75B WPDS94FD-75B
65mm Latch 100mm WPDS100-65 WPDS100-65D WPDS100FD-65
75mm Latch 100mm WPDS100-75 WPDS100-75D WPDS100FD-75
65mm Bathroom Latch 100mm WPDS100-65B WPDS100FD-65B
75mm Bathroom Latch 100mm WPDS100-75B WPDS100FD-75B
65mm Latch 120mm WPDS120-65 WPDS120-65D WPDS120FD-65
75mm Latch 120mm WPDS120-75 WPDS120-75D WPDS120FD-75
65mm Bathroom Latch 120mm WPDS120-65B WPDS120FD-65B
75mm Bathroom Latch 120mm WPDS120-75B WPDS120FD-75B
65mm Latch 130mm WPDS130-65 WPDS130-65D WPDS130FD-65
75mm Latch 130mm WPDS130-75 WPDS130-75D WPDS130FD-75
65mm Bathroom Latch 130mm WPDS130-65B WPDS130FD-65B
75mm Bathroom Latch 130mm WPDS130-75B WPDS130FD-75B
65mm Latch 140mm WPDS140-65 WPDS140-65D WPDS140FD-65
75mm Latch 140mm WPDS140-75 WPDS140-75D WPDS140FD-75
65mm Bathroom Latch 140mm WPDS140-65B WPDS140FD-65B
75mm Bathroom Latch 140mm WPDS140-75B WPDS140FD-75B

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